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Switching business energy is a simple and effective way to cut your annual utility bills – simply switching supplier could save your business hundreds of pounds a year.

If you’ve never switched business energy before, or you’ve let your last deal expire without arranging a new contract, you’ll be overpaying for business gas and electricity - energy suppliers tend to cash in on busy business owners who don’t have the time to arrange a new deal, which could see you rolled onto a more expensive rate, or even automatically signed up for another year on this inflated rate.

Switching to a better deal is the only way to avoid overpaying. And comparing the deals on offer from a range of suppliers is the only way to make sure your business is on the cheapest available tariff.

The trouble is, comparing business energy deals can be painstaking process. Not only do all energy contracts have to be tailored to meet the exact needs of each individual business, there’s also no dual fuel option, which means you’ll have to go through the whole comparison process twice – once for business gas, and again for business electricity.

Unless, that is, you enlist the help of our business energy experts - simply tell us what you need, and we’ll source prices from our panel of trusted suppliers. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, and come back with a range of options for you, so you can choose the best deal. We choose our suppliers very carefully so we can pass on the best prices to our customers. And the final decision is always yours – simply choose the deal you prefer, and we’ll take care of the rest.

As a busy business owner, you may well feel there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep on top of the day-to-day running of things, let alone taking the time out to compare business energy deals.

So why not let us do the all the hard work for you? One phone call to our business energy experts is all it takes to compare tariffs from a range of suppliers, and switch to a deal that better suits the needs and budget of your business.

To make the comparison process as quick and simple as possible, try to have the following information to hand:

  • A recent energy bill.
  • Your business's registration information.
  • Your MPAN and MPRN numbers from your bill or meter.
  • Your current contract's end date.
  • The date your switching window opens.

Our energy experts can then search the market to find the best possible deal. And the final decision is always with you – we supply the quotes, and you pick the one you like best.

Give our business energy experts a call now on #CAMPAIGNBUSINESSSERVICENUMBER#, and see how much you could save.

As with fixed-rate domestic energy deals, if you let your business gas and electricity deals expire without arranging a new one, then your supplier will automatically put you on a more expensive rate. You will most likely be switched to one of two types of standard deal:

  • Deemed rate - Also known as an out-of-contract rate tariff, this is a rolling deal with expensive rates.
  • Rollover - A contract that is used when no alternative has been agreed before your current contract’s end date. Rates are usually among the supplier’s most expensive.

In order to make sure you never overpay for energy, or even get tied in to an expensive contract, it’s vital you compare tariffs and switch to a better deal. If you’re on deemed rates, you should be able to switch at any time, but if you’re on a fixed-rate or rollover contract, you’ll not be able to compare prices and switch until current deal enters its renewal window, which is usually between one and six months before its end date.

If you’re unsure when your switching window opens, you can get in touch with your supplier, or wait until you are sent a renewal offer – it’s unlikely the deal offered will be competitive, so instead of accepting it, use it as a figure to work with when comparing tariffs from other suppliers.

To see how much you could save by switching supplier, give our switching team a call now on #CAMPAIGNBUSINESSSERVICENUMBER# and run a business energy price comparison.

*Of Bionic customers who made a saving on a three-year business energy contract between January 2020 and May 2020, the average amount saved was £1,305.

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